Mid - Day Events

Showers, Christenings, Birthday Parties

Middle Eastern  Display to include tabouleh , feta cheese, basil marinated

olives, humus with pita chips and grilled red peppers

Classic spinach dip with assorted crackers

Cherry tomato and fresh mozzarella skewers

Caesar salad with parmesan, diced tomato 

and croutons

Saute chicken breast with white wine sauce, capers and fresh herbs

Garlic Seared flank steak topped with artichokes and grilled onions with a balsamic glaze

( served room temperature )

Wild rice 

Assorted dinner rolls with honey butter


Chocolate Truffle cake

Funerals Options


Choice of salad

Caesar or Garden

Pasta Choice(1)

Vodka Rigatoni

Penne with Marinara

Penne with toasted garlic and broccoli

Potato or starch choice(1)

Roasted rosemary potatoes

Mashed Potatoes

Warm potato salad tossed with fresh herbs

Steamed white Rice

Seasoned brown rice



Lemon with capers

Roasted red pepper and fresh mozzarella topped

Grilled with fresh basil


Steamed Vegetable medley

Bread and butter

  Option #2 

Choice of salad


Mixed greens with roasted vegetables

​Pasta Choice (1)

Primavera with blush tomatoe sauce and parmesan cheese

Proscuitto, spinach and fresh plum tomato with fresh herb sauce


Potato or starch (1)

Sour cream and chive mashed potatoes

​Roasted red bliss potatoes

Wild rice

Rice pilaf

Chicken (1)

Sun dried tomato and parmesan

Grilled, topped with artichokes, onions and saute tri colored peppers


Beef or Pork (1)

Roast beef with au jus

Slow roasted pork loin with carmelized onions

Sweet sausage with roasted red peppers and saute onions

​Vegetable (1)

Roasted garden vegetables

Orange glazed carrots

Bread with butter

Option #3

Choice of salad



Sunday's special salad with gorgonzola cheese, oranges,candied walnuts and fresh raspberries

Cheese display with fresh sliced fruit, berries and crackers

Crudite and crusty bread with spinach parmesan dipping sauce

Chicken (1)

Saute chicken with white wine sauce and fresh basil

Grilled and topped with olives, chopped tomatoes, oregano and a light cream sauce


Seared Flank with grilled vegetables, roasted potato wedges and a balsamic glaze

Confetti wild rice


Roasted garden vegetables

​Bread with butter